Drunken Head

This serves as an accurate representation of how people feel after drinking heavily without consideration for the following morning. This human, in particular, took MD and forgot to consume water the whole night.

Rough Night
Fun Fact: this is my first portrait of Self.





Cybernetic Dehancements

This is how we’re all going to look in the future. All of us: men, women, children and animals. Take note of the melancholy expression.

A tube from the lower back of our head will feed into the top where it’ll end suddenly. Like the ear and mouth, this has no purpose and serves as a purely aesthetic addition.

Opposite of Alienation

As usual, do not try to make too much sense of this. I was trying to make something that was easy to draw and looked cool. And it was easy to draw…



The stump of a left arm hasn’t been amputated. Actually, Dorothy is a bit of a shapeshifter and he didn’t really need that arm for the time being.


His brain is exposed because he’d be ostracised on his home planet if it wasn’t, even though he was lucky enough to be born without that part of his skull. It does mean that his intelligence takes a substantial hit but that’s the price to be paid for societal acceptance.


His third eye can only see Yorkshire terriers. Unfortunately, Dorothy has never been to Earth so it hasn’t proved very useful.


Don’t mention his thighs. I know he can change them, but still don’t’ mention them.

pleaseJOIN MEplease


Sometimes I might feel a bit lazy and you’ll get something like this. I started off drawing a chubby nun but the face became a lot weirder than I expected so I brought the rest of the head to the same level of dementedness.


In the end, it made me feel better about myself and my stresses because I thought, “If that can still smile in that condition then why can’t I?”.


Then I remembered it was only a drawing. A terrible, increasingly haunting drawing.

Please Join Me Please
Please don’t try to make sense of It.