Regressive Perfectionism

Continuing my theme of people facing the left, we have this picture.


I didn’t mean to make him look so sad.

It did end up reflecting my feelings once I’d finished the face.

I was a disappointed that my drawings haven’t improved much and I can’t quite comprehend the concept of practice makes decent. Anyway, I’m an opportunist so I ran with the idea.

Started writing a few things I was thinking and then let it get away from me.

I’m not self-defeatist…

….I’m just shit.

In the end, I was actually quite happy with it. And if anyone tells me the face is amateurish or the writing is barely legible, I’ll just tell them it was meant to portray my childlike understanding of personal progress.


One thought on “Regressive Perfectionism

  1. Sometimes it’s okay to be realistic and say “I’m shit” but I’ve realised that everyone has a purpose in this world and it can range from a small conversation with a stranger to uplift their spirits, or deciding to embark on a project to help the community, or the careers that people choose where they dedicate their lives to others. Even serving yourself and living life the way you want to is accomplishing a personal goal. And I like how that picture made light of personal insecurities and self doubts that get in the way of these goals. Peace


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