Regressive Perfectionism

Continuing my theme of people facing the left, we have this picture.


I didn’t mean to make him look so sad.

It did end up reflecting my feelings once I’d finished the face.

I was a disappointed that my drawings haven’t improved much and I can’t quite comprehend the concept of practice makes decent. Anyway, I’m an opportunist so I ran with the idea.

Started writing a few things I was thinking and then let it get away from me.

I’m not self-defeatist…

….I’m just shit.

In the end, I was actually quite happy with it. And if anyone tells me the face is amateurish or the writing is barely legible, I’ll just tell them it was meant to portray my childlike understanding of personal progress.


Drunken Head

This serves as an accurate representation of how people feel after drinking heavily without consideration for the following morning. This human, in particular, took MD and forgot to consume water the whole night.

Rough Night
Fun Fact: this is my first portrait of Self.