The Throwaway Chapter

You might be surprised to find out that the New Testament is a sequel to the Old Testament, an older book. You might also be surprised to know it comes from the Hebrew Bible – the Tanakh – which also contains the Torah.

Although it gets ridiculously complicated, the Old Testament is thought, by scholars, to have been written throughout centuries by hundreds of authors. Essentially becoming an anthology of stories passed through the minds (and perhaps overactive imaginations) of thousands of individuals across human history up until that point. These stories were selected and compiled in different ways in the Tanakh, and the multiple versions of the Bible, in order to promote their respective beliefs.

Who knows the multitude of Gods generations of authors were referring to before they were blanketed under one religion? I don’t and this is becoming increasingly convoluted and complex. To save from making wild assumptions to fit my theory, I’m going to leave this be for now. You’re welcome.

Previous Chapter – Jesus, Probably a Human


6 thoughts on “The Throwaway Chapter

    • Firstly, thank you for being my first commenter. I am exceedingly happy with this and consider it a milestone in my extremely brief blogging career. I’m eager to know what exactly you consider to be nonsense?

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    • As a non-believer, I tend to search for the metaphorical concepts in Holy Books and for what purpose they were originally written. Should I take the stories of the Bible literally, I would be, by definition, a believer. So it is natural for me to question the accuracy of the Bible purely due to my own beliefs, or lack thereof, though I’m certain there are valuable truths of morality, humanity and history in the pages. I would be delighted to discuss the issue at length with traditional authorities, yourself or any believer since I’m confident I’ll be provided many interesting perspectives as to what the Bible means.

      If you feel so inclined, I would be open to discussing this with you in a more public forum. That forum being my blog and/or yours, where I can guarantee our words would reach at least a quarter of a dozen uninterested readers.

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