The Overview Effect

Staring into space,

You begin to levitate,

As you start to lose perception of your body’s weight.

And you don’t question

The transcendent sensation,

For the first time free from planetary rotation

You’re so high now, but it’s not too hard to breathe.

As neurones fire tantamount to supernova energy.

Exploding into sight,

Dancing flairs from sunlight ignite bright white

Before uniting with the infinite night

You blink your eyes, keeping vigilante as you smile.

One hundred million miles

You see, you move much faster than you think.

The solar system now shrinks into a glint.

Worlds recede to pinholes in black sheets

The awe the giants once inspired start to deplete

Now everything around you begins to surpass light speed, with the absence of a breeze

Moons and comets and planets and nebulas all distort into a thousand streaks

You shut your eyes away from the pulsing sky,

To open your mind and within seconds you find

Everything has slowed down; you’re in a new zone now

You hyperdrove into overdrive,

You override the limits of your cortex enveloping your mind

The observable universe has fallen far behind.

Your body warms to a meteor shower of shivers

Your thoughts flicker at the incomprehensible picture

No breath to take, no sound escapes

As your open mouth dislocates further agape

Now what’s revealed before you

Translucent coral scintillations illuminate against

Formless blue auras scorn the beauty that humans create

Vast clouds discovered comprised of subtle colours

Golds golder than any rock in our history uncovered

Imbued vividly in this conscious bellow of smoke

Tremendous in its’ innate and natural palette and scope

A manifestation of hope,

A hope the man infestation does not corrupt this cosmic throne

But while you’re absorbed in this enormous portrait,

A force of astronomical proportions tugs you toward it

A vacuous sphere with rings of curving light in orbit

You acquiesce and forfeit, for it’s a black hole

And you wonder why it took you alone

Light years from your uninhabitable home

To unequivocally conclude the futility of human pursuit

Of anything we secluded brutes can compute

And ponder the necessity of embracing capacities of sympathy

To see you reap inner peace by needing others happy.

In comfort, you stretch towards the supermassive singularity

You see eternity warp into a vast plate,

Your lungs extricate a silent serenade

As you being’s atoms separate from all of time and space.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Drifting through space,

Problems evanesce when you’re face to face,

With the face of the planet, home to the ungrateful race

When liquid gold reservoirs and emerald planes fade to grey

Landfills made to maintain waste.

Free from the invisible pull of the world,

From here the scars we call borders are no more visible.

No line to show the soil our ancestors sequestered

And lands made redder to house rich and street beggars.

Why divide that which left cists to exist?

That blessed us with this paradisiacal bliss,

That you wished for ever since churches insisted

We deserved reward from a so-called merciful lord.

Rolling green pastures and blue skies adorned,

With oxygen rich air and no concern for

War, debts, cash, tax and politician’s pacts

With more freedom than you can shake a handful of cash at.

Free from laws obstructing you from perceived flaws

We can’t smoke draw, but our kids are allowed to go to war.

So how many of our problems are a result of the earth we scorn?

Umm, a vortex of air, distant virus scares, a diligent sun stripping their whole year’s work bare.

Their”, the key word there, most of us have more real dangers we cannot begin to compare

Like those who cause us strain, just so they can make it rain

Or spewing scorching magma to maintain panic and pain

Minorities’ gain is sum of majorities’ loss

Ripping through earth’s crust, to accommodate financial lust

Children starve and wither away, while those with aid

Would rather wait for their vintage champagne to age

Killing animals for the thrill of the hunt, all in spineless fun

When faced with the barrel of a gun, we’ll see how fast you can run.

As you turn your back, your thoughts remain tainted bitter

A fraction of a pale blue dot is still mankind’s biggest picture.


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