Learning to Jaw…


…this will be hilarious when you see it. The pun will all make sense.


But before you do, I think it would be important to note that I am learning to draw. I have been practising facial structure.


Ok. I’m giving too much away.


Instead of repeatedly drawing the same face in different positions. I tried to put a twist on it.


After I erased half the face, I drew the rest purely as an uninformed guess as to what that may look like with minimal drawing effort.


Alright, I won’t say anything else about the drawing. I know this is becoming boring.


Oh! Keep a look out for my signature. It went through a few phases before it arrived here but I think it’s pretty dope.


Alright. Fuck, I went on too long. If you’re still here, here is “Learning to Jaw…”.


Don’t zoom in too much.



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